Unique Reserve 2013 0,75cl- Aymar

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet (80 boxes)

27.5cm x 32.5cm x 18.5cm
6 bottles per box

* Great Golden Vinari at the Best Sparkling Wine 2020 for the Aymar Reserva Única 2013.⁣

* Aymar Reserva Única 2013, Golden Vinari 2020 to the Best Sparkling Wine of Old Reserves.⁣


Gold with amber reflections.

Fine and lively, with small bubbles with good detachment, forming an abundant crown and creamy.

Tertiary from the long upbringing on their mothers: dried fruits and dried fruits such as dried apricots.

Long evolution. Balanced, harmonious and combined. He final leaves us a fresh flavor, citrus and a very light bitter touch that redisposes the palate to any meal.

Alcohol volume: 11,5%