Spicy Pickled Mussels OL-120 – Espinaler

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 palet (140 boxes)

Packaging Information:
Box: 160x120x355 mm
25 units per box
3500 units per palet


Prepared in a 100% natural way only with water and salt so that you can enjoy its essence in its purest form.

The mussels are harvested in the best rafts in the Galician estuaries. They are made with a unique marinade, made with totally natural ingredients.

Espinaler mussels come from the best rafts in the Galician Rias of the Atlantic. They have many benefits because they contain vitamin B12, iron, protein, calcium, fiber and potassium.

It also has a large amount of minerals and is a very nutritious food, so it is good for athletes. It is a product that respects the environment in its fishing and production.

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