Sir Cupani 2018 0,75cl – Cupani

ExWorks Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet (60 boxes)

Packaging Information:
Box: 31x24x32cm
12 bottles per box


Variety: Tempranillo 100%
Planting year: 1.982
Root: Richter 110 u Chasela 41
Altitude: 537 meters
Alcohol: 14,5º
Surface: 3.6 Ha
Training: Bush vines
Planting frame: 2,35 x 1,20 m
Bottle: January 2021
Production: 987 bottles. 5.500 kg/Ha (Tempranillo authorized yield is 6.500 kg/Ha)

Finca San Andrés. Pebbly calcareous-clay with a high mineral content. Gradual eastern-facing slope protected by western hills that maintain warmth during the winter and lower the risk of frost. It receives solar exposure from sunrise until 3 hours before sunset, ensuring a sufficient rest time in the shade.

Hand-picked in 12 kg cases. Enrique Eguiluz Sr. solely selects and harvests the bunches. Only the premium bunches from the best vines are picked each vintage. His selection criteria is to choose the perfectly ripened bunches that are best exposed to the sun from east to south until 5pm, what he calls “uvas de mediodía”.

Manually destemmed and fermented in 1.500 l. stainless steel vats. Malolactic in new French-oak barrels. Aged on its own lees for 25 months. Nor or very little batonnage is practised at our winery, as protection against oxidation occurs naturally on its own with approximately 5cm of lees in each barrel.

Tiramisu -coffee, cream and cocoa notes. Bold, with a well structured rounded mouthfeel along with a long-lasting finish. Would happily grace a collection with many years to come.