Sauce Small Bottle 92ml- Espinaler

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet

Packaging Information:
Box: 160x120x355 mm
Boxes of 48 units.

*Espinaler Best Seller


It is the ideal condiment for all kinds of preserves, potatoes and olives. We have been making it since 1960 with the same recipe: a unique, exclusive and familiar formula.

The Espinaler sauce was born as the perfect complement for canned seafood, potato chips and olives, today Espinaler consumers confess that they use it for many other things: in the salad, in the cod esqueixada, in the fried eggs, in the gazpacho, in the Spanish omelette, in the squid a la romana, in the anchovies and even in the black vermouth! And so, a long etcetera.