Pork Shoulder Boneless Tributo Don Alfonso Gold Label 2-3kg – Aljomar

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet

Packaging Information:
1 pallet (120x100x150mm)

BRC and IFS Certificate for our Slaughterhouse El Navazo
ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management System
Animal Welfare Certificate
Organic production certificate (for our organic line of production)

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Enjoy the taste of each and every one of our products. From the exquisite acorn-fed Iberico hams and pork shoulders, which spend the longest time in our curing rooms, to our cereal-fed pieces…they are all synonymous with taste and quality.

Tributo represents the extraordinary effort of our family to achieve a unique piece, made for the most demanding palates.

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Peso 2-3 kg