Organic Potato Chips in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bag 100g- Espinaler

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet

Packaging Information:
Box: 160x120x355 mm
Boxes of 12 units.

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Espinaler ECO potato chips guarantee the use of 100% organic ingredients and a careful composition and preparation of the product.

Bio Espinaler French fries come from lands cultivated according to the canons of organic farming, ensuring respect for the environment and harvests of the highest quality year after year.

Harvested at the right moment of maturation, following a careful selection process by expert hands, who discard those that, due to their size or shape, do not comply with a rigorous quality control.

It has another ingredient of the highest quality, such as extra virgin olive oil, which gives the product a unique flavor. And the point of sea salt gives that exquisite flavor to the final product.


It is a product made with quality ingredients.
The ingredients come from organic farming.
Prepared according to the European Regulation of Organic Agriculture.
Fresh elements are selected in the production of the product.
Fried in organic extra virgin olive oil
Potatoes grown at more than 1000m of altitude, which gives a great quality to the potato
None of the ingredients of these chips contain GMOs, nor have any type of phytosanitary or herbicides been used, that is, all their growth is natural.