Gourmet Marinated Olives Original Can 4.25 kg – Olivias

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Minimum Order Quantity: 20 boxes

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Box: 63 x 16,5 x 25,5cm
4 cans per box
Box weight: 17kg

Olivias are olives and other pickles of the highest quality. We have traveled the Mediterranean looking for the best varieties, seasoning and forms of presentation and preparation, with natural ingredients.

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Our Olivias Original range, pays tribute to all those years of tradition, preserve and elaboration of olives.  Available in the following flavours: Natural Green, Mediterranean, Pitted Mediterranean, Pitted Jalapeña, Kalamata, Jalapeña.

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Peso 4,25 kg

Jalapeña, Kalamata, Mediterranean, Natural Green, Pitted Jalapeña, Pitted Mediterranean