White Kidney Beans 1kg- Legumbres Montes

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100kg

Cotton cloth sack (1kg, 5kg, 10kg) or raffia sack (25kg).
Packaging of 1kg products = 15kg cardboard boxes.

Packaging Options:
Boxes of 15kg:
Measurement of the box: 380 x 280 x 210
Boxes per pallet: 48 boxes (maximum) 720 kg.

Boxes of 11kg:
Size of the box: 286 x 258 x 255
Boxes per pallet: 48 boxes (maximum) 528 kg.

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Legumbres Montes is specialized in high quality legumes from 1956. Located in the Salamanca region of La Armuña, an area of tradition of the cultivation of legumes, where we strive to select the best fields and choose the most outstanding crops, to always offer a single legume.

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