Iberico Pork Shoulder Natural Range Feed 50% Iberico Breed Green Seal 4-6kg- Aljomar

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet

Packaging Info:
1 pallet (120x100x150mm)
64 hams per pallet (2 per box)

BRC and IFS Certificate for our Slaughterhouse El Navazo
ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management System
Animal Welfare Certificate
Organic production certificate (for our organic line of production)

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Driven by a constant desire to provide a healthy product, Jamones Aljomar has pioneered efforts to ensure their hams, pork shoulders, all of their forms, are lactose-free. Following a washing process and control of the curing process (temperature-humidity), lactose is 100% eliminated from the list of product ingredients.

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Peso 4-6 kg