Cockles 25/35, 35/45, 45/55, 65/85 OL-120 – Espinaler

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 palet (140 boxes)

Packaging Information:
Box: 160x120x355 mm
3500 units per palet

*Espinaler Best Seller


Our experts select the cockles each season and they are processed in the shortest possible time to preserve their properties: they are cooked, selected by size and canned. Whole pieces packed in bulk or by hand (in the case of products that indicate «hand packed»)

This seafood par excellence stands out for being a highly recommended food in healthy and balanced diets.
They stand out for their juicy, consistent and firm meat.

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20/25, 25/30, 35/45, 45/55, 55/65, 65/85