Banana Chips 80g- Espinaler

ExWorks Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 palet (140 boxes)

Packaging Information:
Box: 160x120x355 mm
3500 units per palet


Taste the delicious banana chips. Perfect for a different, delicious, crunchy and healthy Aperitif.

Espinaler Vegetable Chips is committed to cooking over low heat, with love, to get the most authentic flavor so that you recognize what you are tasting. A healthy and pleasant way to enjoy vegetables. We work with top quality and natural raw materials. Only by cooking little by little, slowly and by hand, we get the crunchy and most authentic flavor on the market.

We can think that all vegetables are suitable for making chips, to be dehydrated perhaps yes, but fried calmly, to achieve their optimum crispiness surely not.

After a long process of elaboration, our unique combination of color, texture and taste make vegetable chips a product of the highest quality.

Ingredients: banana, salt and olive oil.