Aymar Brut Reserva 2016 0,75cl- Aymar

ExWorks Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet (80 boxes)

27.5cm x 32.5cm x 18.5cm
6 bottles per box

Pale gold, bright and transparent. There are tertiary aromas, reminiscent of ripe fruit, and notes of fresh bread with an elegant raisin background. Complex and well-structured palate developing  sensations reminiscent of nuts. Elegant aftertaste with a light touch of cocoa.


Pale gold, shiny and transparent.

Small pearls that ascend continuously, forming a perfect rosary that culminates in a creamy foam in the outline.

Tertiary aromas can be seen that have been developed during their dilated aging in bottle, reminiscent of the Very ripe fruit, and notes of fresh bread with an elegant background to raisins.

Surprisingly complex and well-structured palate, developing sensations reminiscent of nuts, mainly toasted hazelnuts and roasting notes, curiously combined with hints of grapefruit skin and fennel. The aftertaste is very long and elegant, predominating in the I remember the nuts and a light touch of cocoa.

Alcohol volume: 11,5%