Acorn-Fed Iberico Pork Ham 75% Iberico Breed 7-9,5kg- Aljomar

ExWorks Price

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pallet

Packaging Info:
1 pallet (120x100x150mm)
64 hams per pallet (2 per box)
Gross weight: 600kg

BRC and IFS Certificate for our Slaughterhouse El Navazo
ISO 22000 for Food Safety Management System
Animal Welfare Certificate
Organic production certificate (for our organic line of production)

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An exquisite acorn-fed ham that is savored after 36 months of natural curing in the cellar.

The weight of each piece is approximately 8 kg and comes from Iberian pig fed only with natural acorn.

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Peso 7-9,50 kg