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We invite you to embark with us on a journey through the Mediterranean. All you need are Olivias by Tast olives and your taste buds will travel through the Mediterranean Sea and the vibrant lands that surround it. Bask in the sun, breathe in the salty air and with every olive, taste the richness of the land it was harvested in.

The Gourmet Corporation features multiple olive varieties in its catalogue under Olivias by Tast’s three main lines: Olivias Original, Olivias Classic and Olivias of the World.

The originals include Jalapeña pitted and unpitted, Kalamata, Mediterranean pitted and unpitted and Natural Green.

Gordal, derived from the Spanish word for fat, is a very (very) large green olive with a firm and meaty texture. Known for its juiciness and just the right amount of bitterness. Depending on the harvest’s calibres and quality, our gordales can be collected either from Greece or Spain, the latter being the leading olives producer in the world, and the home of Olivias by Tast.

Kalamatas, named after the city of Kalamata in the southern Peloponnese, Greece, are characterized by their oval shape, purple colour and intense flavour. Cured with spices, herbs, garlic and EVOO, Kalamatas have a distinctive rich, smoky, fruity flavour.

Photo by: Wellview Marketing

The classics include Mix, Aloreña, Gazpacha, Manzanilla anchovy flavour, Maresme, Spicy Cachondita and La Parda

Manzanilla, one of the most common varieties, and probably found in every supermarket, has a crisp texture and a slightly smoky, almond flavour.

Aloreña olives have a pale green-yellowish colour and are slightly bitter but due to their low content of oleuropein, these olives don’t require treatment to remove bitterness. 

Olivias of the World , the newest collection soon-to-be-launched, will whisk you away on an exquisite trip through different regions, each with a very particular taste, such as Mexico, Iberian (Peninsula), Japan, La Pampa (Argentina) and Marrakech.  Choose your destination and enjoy! 

Olivias is at the forefront of the olive world and works closely with R&D to develop new flavours that will keep evoking the authentic Mediterranean taste

Don’t miss out on adding an exotic touch to your inventory. A little piece of Spain and the Mediterranean is at your reach, just one click away. Remember that every day is a great day to experience something new and The Gourmet Corporation offers you a wide range of options so buckle up and let’s get this gastronomic adventure started. 

Olivias by Tast Original Olives
Photo by: Wellview Marketing

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